Blue water FALCONNOT THE EAGLE! This is the Blue water quick action boat. This should provide good handling great hull shot and spunky play. Yes this boat will be great for skiing, tubing and running around. For those that don't need a lot of boat but still like to play hard this is the boat for you! Hurry in this one wont last you will normally see a 3.0 in this size which wont do what this boat will! This boat is powered by a 4.3 L engine, with sports seating, bow rider, sun deck and sets on a single axle trailer with aluminum step plates break away tongue, and is in better than average condition. Whew you will be styling in this boat and go to Lakes and rivers for all day play! 4.3L M/CSports SeatingSundeckSingle axle TLR  Step plates and break away tongueDA